Download the Shredmate Manual here

Download the troubleshooting guideĀ here

Where do I get the app?

Before you ride you need to install our app on your phone. You can get this from Googleplay or the App store, just search for Shredmate. It’s free.

Why do I need to input my wheelsize?

Make sure to input the correct wheelsize, your Shredmate uses this to work out speed. It needs to be correct for jumps to register.

Do I need to take my phone with me when I ride?

Yes, the Shredmate app needs to be running on your phone whilst you ride. You can put it in a backpack or pocket for safe keeping.

What do I do to start the ride?

Open the Shredmate app and press the Let’s Shred button. This starts a ride, you can stop for coffee or chats and it will keep recording until you press Save at the end of your ride.

How do I wake up my Shredmate.

Firstly make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your phone. Then move the magnet past the sensor a few times to wake it up, you should see the green light come on the unit when it passes the magnet. It you don’t see this move the sensor closer to the magnet.

If you still have problems turn the sensor round so the battery compartment faces outward then secure to your fork. This gets the sensor a little closer to the magnet.

If it still won’t wake up then leave it for 2 minutes and try again.

What happens if my phone’s battery is low?

If your phone’s battery is below 15% Shredmate will not start a ride. If it drops below 15% during a ride Shredmate will save your ride to that point, then stop recording. This ensures you should have enough phone battery for emergency use during your ride.

Can I check the battery level on my Shredmate?

The battery level of the Shredmate when it was last used is stored with each ride. To see this select the sensors page in the app and you will see a blue bar which indicates the battery life.

How do I get a badge?

Badges are automatically awarded when your jump exceeds the badge level.

Can I delete a ride?

Yes, just select the ride in the feed then select Delete from the top right menu.

What do the colours represent on the map of my ride?

These are an indicator of your speed, green is slow, red is fast and amber in between.

See how easy ShredMate is to install and use with this great video from Alfredo Mancuso

If you have any problems with your Shredmate or either of the apps please email us at to let us know.

We are very happy to help.