Simply cable tie the sensor to your forks and attach the wheel magnet – we supply everything you need for your new bike computer. The ShredMate app is a free download and compatible with Android and iOS. After installing the app on your phone and a simple setup, you are good to ride.


Through careful optimisation of our electronics and software, ShredMate runs off of a coin cell for over 6 months. When the battery runs out, simply pop in a new battery at home.

Shredmate sensor

3D Accelerometer – ShredMate samples data from an accelerometer (the motion sensor). Our algorithms developed over the past year measure your jumps, g-forces and detects rough trails.

Magnetic sensor – By detecting when the wheel magnet passes the sensor, ShredMate accurately calculates your speed and distance.

Bluetooth Low Energy – ShredMate uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect direct to your smartphone. As the name suggests, Bluetooth Low Energy consumes very little power, as does our ultra-low power accelerometer – this means ShredMate has a long battery life of over 6 months, despite being powered from a small coin cell.

Mapping – ShredMate uses the GPS built into your smartphone. ShredMate maps your rides, marks every jump (including measuring your air time and landing G-Force), your peak g-forces and rough trails. Other bike computers don’t have the capability to track this data, ShredMate does.

Strava – Sync to your Strava account.

What’s in the box

  • ShredMate sensor
  • Rubber mount
  • Wheel magnet
  • Cable ties
  • Instruction manual

Dimensions –  42mm x 38mm x 11mm

Weight – 25g (This is the entire set up – ShredMate sensor, cable tie, rubber mount and wheel magnet)

Warranty- ShredMate comes with a full 12 month warranty and our excellent customer support.